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Construction Steps

Below you will find 25 brief outline steps in how to build a quality swimming pool in a timely fashion.

When building any swimming pool there are over 500 steps and variables. BUYER BEWARE!

Step 1 Initial Consultation - Meet with a Superior Pools Design Consultant in our office. At this time please bring your survey of your property to speed up the process. During the initial meeting, your consultant will discuss the options and features available that best fit your needs. This includes viewing photos, slide shows, videos, samples, and pools that have been completed in order to give you a full understanding of what the finished product will look like. They will also give you step by step knowledge regarding our procedures and how we build pools.
Meeting At Superior Pools

Step 2 Site Visit -
Your design consultant will come out to your property in order to take pictures and measurements necessary for site assessment and putting your new pool design together.

Step 3 Design - Using the information you provided during your initial meeting along with the pictures and measurements of your property, the design consultant will put together a computerized drawing of your dream pool using the latest 3D technology.
Superior Pools 3D Swimming Pool


Step 4 – Meet & Pick Your Design - Once you are completely satisfied with the design of your backyard oasis, an accurate quote will be put together based on the design rather than just a ballpark figure. At this time, your consultant will set up an appointment to go over the quote details with you.

Step 5 – Sign & Pick Colors - After all the details and numbers have been discussed, it is time to sign the agreement and pick colors for your new Superior Pool!
Superior Pools Tile Room

Step 6 – Permitting -
Your paperwork is submitted to the County office for permit review. During this time the homeowner should also submit any documentation necessary to their homeowner’s association.

Step 7 – Irrigation and Landscaping –
Superior Pools is in the business of building beautiful customized pools. We are not in the business of landscaping, irrigation, or sod. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to have all landscaping and any other items in the way of the pool removed. For irrigation, we suggest having it capped immediately after signing your pool agreement. Please leave 10ft of clearance from any landscaping or irrigation around your new pool area and equipment for our machines and plumbing. If for any reason these items are not taken care of prior to permit approval, Superior Pools will not start the build until they have the proper clearance on the property.
Superior Pools Irrigation and Landscaping (removal and re-install)
Superior Pools
Capping Irrigation

Step 8 – Pre-site/Sod Removal – A Superior Pools Construction crew member will come out and pre-site the property. Sod will be scraped away from the proposed pool area and hauled away. This process is done to ensure we have true elevations.
Step 9 – Pool Layout – Our excavation team will layout the perimeter of your pool with stakes. This is done in preparation for digging the pool. The layout is the shape of your pool. This step is very important and must be done accurately. All numbers and measurements have to match for everything to be square. That is why we rely on our in-house layout crew, which majority of them have been with our company for over 10 years.
Superior Pools Layout Swimming Pool
Step 10 – Dig - Once the pool is staked out, our crew will begin digging your new pool. Our standard pools are 3’ – 5’ deep. The depth is measured to the middle of the 6”x6” tile; Not the top of the deck. A pool that is 5’ at its deepest point will be dug to approximately 6’ 6” in order to properly stabilize the shell, install your sump system line, and to fit your channel drain correctly. Properly stabilizing the shell and installing a sump line helps us build your pool correctly and also benefits the homeowner by building them a product that will last longer. Remember…in Florida we are surrounded by water. Ground water can cause issues with your new pool if it is not handled correctly. When choosing a pool builder be sure to ask if they take these precautionary steps and ask them what the benefits are.
Superior Pools Dig
Step 11 – Form – This is when the elevation for your new pool is set. The step is very important and will affect every step along the way if done incorrectly. Superior Pool’s in-house crew will be onsite with their lasers triple checking everything to make sure the elevation is set properly and is level.Superior Pools Form
Step 12 – Steel – Our in-house crew preforms this step as well. They will form and lay #5 rebar every 1’ on center throughout your entire pool form. 
Superior Pools Steel
Step 13 – Shell – Our crew will begin by protecting areas of your home that are exposed to the pool area in order to protect it from overspray. Your concrete shell is shot. Keep in mind this is the rough structure of your pool and will be finished off with plaster later in the process.
Superior Pools Concrete Pool Shell
Step 14 – Strip Shell – All form boards are removed and our crew will begin to prep for plumbing.
Step 15 – Plumbing - Our Superior in-house install team will plumb each job to our Superior standards. A special TDH engineering is customized for every job. Pipe diameters are determined by calculating flow rates based on water demand including pumps, filters, and water features. Superior uses a minimum of 2” schedule 40 PVC non-corrosive piping. We dig the plumbing trenches with our mini excavator. We are sure to dig at least 3’ down so your plumbing is protected. The pipes run from your new pool to your new pool equipment and is pressurized to be sure there are no leaks, and to pass county inspections.
Superior Pools Plumbing
Step 16 – Backfill & Compact – Once plumbing is complete, the dirt is backfilled into the trenches to cover any exposed pipes. The soil is then compacted using a heavy jumping jack tamper. This is a very important step. Soil must be compacted properly to minimize shifting and settlement issues with your new deck.
Superior Pools Compact & Backfill
Step 17 – Deck Form & Pour – Footings are excavated on the perimeter of the deck to code enforced depths and require specific rebar steel. A code required termite spray is applied to the entire deck area. A second inspection is performed by the county to examine the plumbing and footings prior to proceeding. For Flo-Crete decks, a fiber-mesh concrete is used. Expansion joints or saw cuts are then installed the next day to further mitigate cracking. A 2” deco drain is installed between proposed deck and house for drainage purposes.
Superior Pools Concrete Deck
Step 18 – Other decking options (Pavers & Travertine) – We have multiple decking options to choose from. Be sure to ask your design consultant about the materials we offer, and the pros and cons of each in order to help you make the best decision for your backyard oasis.
Superior Pools Concrete Deck
Superior Pools Travertine
Step 19 – Tile & Coping – This is where the artistry comes in. Our in house crew will start by checking if your shell is completely level and will mud up any areas that may need it to ensure accuracy. Each piece of coping and tile will be cut and set individually to ensure there are no feathered grout joints. Deco tiles and designs are added based on your color selections.
Superior Pools Coping & Tile
Superior Pools Swimming Pool Tile
Step 19 – Pool Equipment – Your new pool equipment will be set on an 8’ x 4’ concrete pad. There is enough room for both your pool equipment and heat pump. All of our equipment is labeled for your convenience. Your design consultant will help you determine proper placement for your equipment.
Superior Pools Pool Equipment
Step 20 – Screen Enclosure – Superior Pools has been partnered with Absolute Aluminium for all of our screen enclosures since 2001. Be sure to look them up at The screen enclosure is pre-cut at the factory and delivered in pieces to the job site. It is then assembled using screws to attach it to the deck and walls of the house. A super gutter is also installed to the roof fascia and enclosure in order to capture water and debris coming off of the roof.
Superior Pools/Absolute Aluminium Pool Cage
Step 21 – Final Grade – A final grade of the job site is done. Superior does a one-time grade and rake of the area. The grade is done to county drainage standards.
Superior Pools Final Grade
Step 22 – Safety Features – State code requires installation of either alarms or Safety Fence. The alarms need to be on all doors and windows exiting from the home to the enclosed pool area or a safety fence can be installed. County performs another inspection at this time.
Superior Pools Pool Alarms
Superior Pools Baby Fence
Step 23 – Interior Surface – The pool shell is chemically treated, prepped with a water proofing agent, and cleaned prior to installation of the interior finish. Our #1 Superior Pools Plaster crew hand trowels the finish to the pool shell. All of our interior finishes offer limited lifetime warranties. Your design consultant will help you choose the color from one of the many offered in our showroom.
Superior Pools #1 Plaster Crew
Step 24 – Pool Fill &Start Up – Your new pool will be filled using your garden hose directly from your house or well immediately after the interior finish has been installed. City sewer customers will receive a sewage credit to submit to the water department in order to receive credit on their next bill. A typical pool takes 24 – 30 hours to fill. Your water will be green for the first couple days.
Superior Pools has full time start up employee who will do a “soft start-up”. They will care for the pool over a period of 21 days adding certain chemicals and balancing the water. Once the pool is ready for salt, our crew will add the initial salt needed to turn your pool over to a salt water pool.
Superior Pools Start up
Step 25 – Pool School – Now it is time to teach you how to care for and maintain your beautiful new pool. A member of our service staff will schedule an appointment with you at your property to explain the process of operating your Superior Pool. They will also bring out your instructions on CD , and maintenance kit which are included in your pool purchase price.
Superior Pools Pool School

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